Mga Kaugnay Na Pag Aaral at Literatura

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The module was designed to achieve the following; 1. Identify flowcharting symbols. 2. Use flowchart symbols in identifying steps/pseudocode in logic formulation. 3. Formulate flowchart solutions. The material used a problem-direct solution approach. Instead of defining each flowchart symbol first, we applied it on situation when we need it and define it on the sidelines. What covered on this material are program flowcharts. System flowcharts are designed to show interface between input/output devices, to other systems, and the program itself. It uses other specialized symbols which are beyond the coverage of this courseware. Though new tools are being introduced in software development, flowcharting is still one of the effective tools in presenting the logic/idea of program execution. Students of Computer Science or related IT courses will benefit on this courseware as one prepares career as Scientist, Analyst, Programmer or Project Manager. We encourage everyone to give us feedback on how you find this material so we may improve it. You may reach us at Visit also our blogsite: .

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Jerry Esperanza is a Computer Science professor. He has more than 7 years experience teaching at Jose Rizal University (JRU) and currently at New Era University (NEU), Philippines. He worked as Administrative Specialist at IBM Philippines, Inc. and served as a Technical Support Engineer at ETSI Technologies, Inc. (A Siemens Nokia joint ventured company) for ten years. He was a Database Marketing Analyst for a year at OSRP (a company) and as Analyst at Business Intelligence Group of eTelecare Global Solutions for another couple of years. He holds a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering at Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) and currently working on his thesis for a master’s degree in Educational Management at New Era University Graduate Studies. As a registered professional teacher, he believes that a teacher is behind in anyone who excels. Continuous education is one of his advocacies to uplift human understanding and condition.


Flowcharting as Algorithm Tool
Algorithm is a step-by-step procedure in solving a problem. It may be expressed in a human language, pseudocode (not a real code), and/or with flowcharts. Flowchart is the graphical representation of the algorithm. Problem A gives emphasis on how to convert step-by-step tasks into a flowchart. Terminal is mandatory symbol used in all flowcharting activities. There is only one set of start and end terminal symbols in flowcharting an algorithm. It is strictly enforced to use an arrow head at the end of the flow lines. It helps to know which direction the flowchart is heading. Process box denotes action. Problem A. Design a flowchart from the given tasks: 1. Plug in computer power cords to the Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS). 2. Switch on UPS. 3. Push the power-on button of the PC. 4. Enter username and password in the Microsoft XP login dialog. Solution: Start

* Plug in computer power cords to the UPS.

Terminal symbol is required to use at start and end of flowchart * Flowline indicates the direction of the next instruction or sequence of available information and executable operation. It is used with an arrow at the end to denote direction.

Switch on UPS.

Push the poweron button of the PC.

Process Box represents the process of executing a defined or group operations that result in a change value, form or location of information.

Enter username and password in the Microsoft XP login dialog.



Decide which path to take
Problem B gives us a dose on how to deal with decision. The diamond symbol represents a condition normally answered by yes or no, true or false. A path is taken and determine...
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