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Topics: Yard, Length, Inch Pages: 3 (849 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Sa mga estudyanteng mahilig magsabi ng "HELLO SUMMER! diyan, be SPECIFIC. Baka ibang SUMMER iyan! Summer classes? SAKLAP </3 HAHAHA :)))) 1. A cylinder tank, diameter 1 feet and length of 6 feet is placed so that its axis is horizontal. How many pound of water will be used in filling it to a depth of 9 inches if water weighs 62.4lb. per cu. ft.? 2. The pyramidal tank shown in the figure has a square base 11.6 ft. on a side and an altitude of 14.8 ft. How many gallons of water are in it when the depth of the water is 5.725 ft.?

ello, hotboxdriver!

earboth is correct . . . the slant height is 7.2209...

The measurements seem to be to one decimal place.
. . That's why they rounded 7.2209 up to 7.3.
[The height and the slant height must not both be 7.2, you see.]

The front and back panels are trapezoids:.
Each has area: .
. . Front/Back: .

The side panels are rectangles.
. . Left/Right: .

The top is a rectangle.
. . Top: .

The bottim is a rectangle.
. . Bottom: .

The total surface area is:.

The volume is the area of a trapezoidal face times the length.

. .

Subject: Cylinder volume
Name: Andy

I need to fill a 10 foot diameter by 35 foot long cylinder 85% full. Is there a way to calculate at what depth equals 85%? ie, if I put a stick in the tank would it be at 8.5 feet?|
Hi Andy.Unfortunately, it isn't nearly as simple as that. The short answer to your question is that 85% corresponds to about 7'11".Now the long explanation:I'm assuming that the cylinder is horizontal (that is, 10 feet high by 35 feet long).When the substance in the tank is near the mid-fill level, each inch of depth corresponds to a much larger volume that when the substance is near the top or bottom of the tank. This means that to bring an empty tank up to 1" filled requires very little liquid, but to bring it from 5'0" to 5'1" requires quite a lot of liquid.One thing that simplifies the problem is that the length...
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