Mg352 - Principles of Management Applied Research

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Principles of management APPLIED RESEARCH

Pleasant Valley Police Department

Thomas Donnelly

Karl Hartenstine
Park University Internet Campus

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Principles of Management
Park University
November, 2011



Diversity Management6

Ethical, Social, and Legal Responsibilities8

International Business8

General Planning & Strategic Planning9
Organizing Work and Synergism10

Organization Structure and Chart11

Work Team Utilization12


Employee Training and Development12

Motivating Employees14

Leadership and Management14

Managing Conflict and Stress15

Managing Change15


Appraising and Rewarding16

Operations Management and Plans17

Operations Control17




To most driving down interstate 35 and Interstate 435, Pleasant Valley Missouri could easily be mistaken for a speck on the map if not for the fifty foot QuikTrip sign that announces to passing travelers of the small town’s existence. Approximately 3,600 people call Pleasant Valley home; though even long time Clay County residents still utter the phrase “Pleasant Valley?...Where is that?” [plausibly] due to the fact that Pleasant Valley is approximately one square mile in overall size. Pleasant Valley Missouri was founded as a “Village” in 1945 on the outskirts of Liberty Missouri. From humble beginnings as a small farming community Pleasant Valley grew and continued to thrive as families began to settle in, thus creating a need for a school to teach our children and a growing need for law enforcement. On July 21st, 1961 an ordinance was passed creating a bond for $70,000 to build a village hall on the corner of Sobbie Road and Pleasant Valley Road; thus was the beginnings of the Pleasant Valley Police Department. Though the village lacked most of the usual civil services taken for granted by other cities at the time such as a fire department, street services, and sewers; she did have an outdated (even for the time) 1930’s WPA water system that supplied fresh water to her residents. The city flourished because of the dedication of her residents to create a community that others would be proud to call home. With no public works department at the time winter was a harsh mistress. With the hard work and dedication of residents like Ben Linhart, Dave Kane, and Bob Lehman shoveling sand out of the dump truck owned by Lehman; the city operated year round until the creation of the public works department. These men knew what it took to be part of a community. When the Police Department was founded in [insert date here], there were three officers Will Carder, Bill Francis, and Bob Wheeler along with Jess Gabbert being elected as the first Marshall. Currently the police department has a staff of 16 officers and dispatchers led by the 30 year veteran Police Chief Mark Dumolt. Chief Dumolt is a retired senior commander of the Kansas City Police Department [where he holds the rank of Major] and holds a BA in Administration of Justice and an MSA in Administration from Central Missouri University. In addition, the chief is also an active duty veteran of the Marine Corps, veteran of the Army Reserve, President of the Clay County Drug Task Force, Investigative Squad Board of Directors, and serves as a Regional Vice President of the Missouri Police Chief’s Association. With such impressive credentials one would assume that Chief Dumolt is the epitome of leadership. TRANSITION PARAGRAPH

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