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Answer for Question 1
Human Resource Management deals with organisations methods and procedures for managing people to enhance skills and motivation. It includes activities to enhance the organisations ability to attract, select, retain and motivate people to achieve organisational goals. (Prasad, 2011) Be it a small or large organisation human resource management is very important for all managers and supervisors. Some of the reasons as to why managers need to be concerned about HRM are to avoid hiring the wrong person for the job, having people in the organisation not performing to their best, wasting time with useless interviews, allowing a lack of training to undermine the departments effectiveness and having some employees thinking their salaries are unfair and inequitable relative to others in the organisation or simply to avoid committing any unfair labour practices. Relatively, supervisors need to be concerned about HRM because they are responsible for setting the strategic course for the department to improve company’s performance. Supervisors can use HR to create levers to influence how workers focus their energy and select workers with skills and interests aligned with the company’s goals. After all, the overall objective of any organisation is to achieve its goals. (O'Flynn) Supervisors guide in the employee selection criteria helping the organisation to select the best suited person for the job. Incentives are also another crucial function of HR and the supervisor must tailor it so that they are in line with the company’s long term goals. A supervisor must ensure that the HR staffs are performing correctly and the staffs’ acts in a professional and consistent way so employees feel the workplace is a fair environment. Supervisors should recommend new policies to improve not just the human resource department's performance but also the company’s performance. (O'Flynn) Thus, there are many different types of skills needed for success in HRM....
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