Mexico Notes

Topics: Mexico City, Mexico, Carlos Slim Pages: 3 (552 words) Published: May 7, 2013
116.2 Million people
Largest Spanish speaking country
Capital is Mexico City
19.9 million people
real population is 27-30 million
Second largest city is Guadalajara
4.4 million people
Literacy rate 86.1%
1st world level
Unemployment rate is currently 4.1%
children who sell stuff or wash windows count as employed
compared to 7.8% in America (ours is higher too)
underemployment rate is 36%
GDP per capita $15,300
Higher than nations in European Union
Natural resources – petroleum (oil, gasoline, natural gas), silver, copper, lead, zinc, timber, tourism Poverty rate 51.3%
Extreme poverty rate (most likely cannot support yourself day to day): 40% Lowest 10% controls 1.5% of the nation’s wealth while wealthiest 10% controls 41.4% of the nation’s wealth (largest in the civilized world). Highest 1% controls 35% of nation’s wealth Monterrey is wealthiest city in Mexico

Chiapas is one of the most rural and poorest state
90% of the entire drug distribution is controlled by Mexico
Buy weapons and police with drug money
Carlos Salinas de Gortari was responsible for the financial crisis of Mexico in the public eye 2 ways to get oil transported:
Contract companies for 60% of the future profits
Do it yourself
2 places for sizable loans:
International Monetary Fund
World Bank
Mexico could not pay loans back, much less interest, even if they spent all the GDP for a year Airlines, telecommunications, etc. was owned by the government (govt. had hand in almost all aspects of society) Fire sale to get money to pay back loans

Telmex owned all media in Mexico
Sold to Carlos Slim Helu for 12 cents on the dollar
Didn’t want to sell to foreigners
Give it to one of our own
Owns all communications
Consequences (Circa 1994):
Most major companies that had businesses in Mexico yanked their companies out International businesses pulled out resources of Mexico
Middle class pulled out savings from bank
Led to the Mexican stock market plummet
Other people...
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