Mexican Workers: Never Give Up Attitude

Topics: Mexico, United States, Mining Pages: 2 (850 words) Published: December 4, 2012
This story was about Mexican men who came to AZ to work in the mines. Before the Mexicans arrived to AZ they were promised great jobs and wages but none of that occurred. They weren’t considered human beings to the Americans; the Mexicans were used for hard labor. In Clifton Morenci Arizona mining copper made them one of the richest mining districts in the U.S... Thousands of Mexican workers came to the United States because they were promised a better life. Among the first to arrive was David Valasquez he was a courageous man that left Mexico with nothing but his bags and false word from the United States. Along with David, most of the miners came from the Northern Mexican states of Sonora and Chiwawa. These miners have been mining for generations and were brought to Clifton Morencia where the population grew from 200 to 10,000. Copper was was a big necessity in Az. It was used for telephone lines, telegraph sevices, and power plants.

The working conditions for the Mexican workers were beyond horrible. They used candles for light and spent 12 hours a day underground. They worked 4,000 feet below the surface and in a maze that tunnels 100 miles long. The work areas were cramped, the air was thin and the temperature was 104 degrees which is extremely hot! The Mexican workers were accustomed to these harsh conditions when it came to mining, but they weren’t prepared for the way they were going to be treated all because they were Mexican. Mexicans were assigned the worst and most dangerous jobs in the mines. Anglo timberlands were paid four dollars while the Mexican timberlands were paid two dollars a day. Anglo muckers were paid one dollar and fifty cents while the Mexican muckers were paid seventy cent a day. As you can see the Americans bought them for their skills and treated them badly. Miners bought their food as dry goods at the Phelps Dodge merchant store. They were only allowed to buy a dozen of eggs and one pound of coffee, which in my opinion was...
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