Mexican vs Usa Culture

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Ricardo Collazo
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This paper is on the difference of the Mexican culture compared to the culture of the United States of America. We look into four sources of reference in our conclusion. The biggest questions we must ask ourselves is "What is the impact this country is making on the U.S and vice versa?" and “Is our policy a direct result of Mexico's policy, citizens, actions, or and culture?” We are going to look at the history, ethics, education, family and government of Mexico. This is in hope of having a better understanding for the impact they have not only in thinking but in laws passed. Key words: relationship, ideology, culture and society

Location Why are these headings here?
Mexico is located in North America, however its culture is representative of Central and South America. It does border the United States. The United States is located north of Mexico, and the countries of Guatemala and Belize border Mexico to its south. It is also surrounded by water, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf to the east. This location also presents a problem to the United States in several areas. It has a direct impact on some of the policies of the United States, and we will be discussing further in this paper the impact it has towards the United States of America.

The natural language spoken in Mexico is Spanish. This is also the official language. The root of the language comes from Spain. The spelling and grammar are identical to Spain; the difference is the sound and how it’s pronounced. This official language also has an impact on the United States for many reasons. It is all tied together in the impact of our relationship with Mexico. How does the language impact the US?

The most important symbol of the Mexican people is the Virgin of Guadalupe. She is the influence behind the Roman Catholic Church who dominates the religion of choice in Mexico. She is viewed as the “Mother” of all Mexicans. According to Mexican theology she is the Mexican version of the Virgin Mary. Reference? Food and Ceremonies

Daily Food You should only have one heading for each section of your paper
Ceremonial Occasions
The Mexican culture brings a variety of dishes we also enjoy. There are three products that are the main ingredients in Mexican cuisine. These ingredients are corn, hot peppers (also known as chiles), and beans. Corn has many ways of use. One way is cooked as a grain, secondly as porridge like in grits, thirdly as a wrapping called a tamal, or a wrap as we call it in the United States, finally as a thin pancake that is used for tacos and or quesadillas.

The order of meals are slightly different than those of the United States. In the morning we usually have a good breakfast consisting of maybe eggs, coffee, toast, etc. while Mexicans' breakfast consist of coffee and /or fruit. Breakfast in the United States breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. However, in Mexico the most important meal is served between 2pm and 4pm which consists of a three to four course meal. In the United States we usually have dinner around 6-7 pm, but in Mexico dinners are served around 8-10 pm. This Mexican dinner consists of maybe a sweet roll, maybe coffee and milk. Reference?

The holidays are very different as compared to the United States. A very popular holiday is the Dia de la Candelaria (Candlemas) which is on Feb 2. This feast is the celebration of the purification of Mary with the presentation and blessing of Jesus. We can look at this in a way like Christmas one can see the comparison. The birth of Jesus Christ and presentation of Jesus being born of Mary the virgin mother is in many ways our Feb 2 but we call it Christmas Dec 25. There is another holiday or feast that is celebrated. That day is Nov 2 which is the feast or Day of the dead; this is a celebration honoring the dead and is a feast in their honor and celebration of life....

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