Mexican Food Research Paper

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Mexico is an area in North America rich with history and culture. It is one of the ultimate vacation spots without beautiful scenery and delicious foods. Mexican food does vary in each of its main regions. For example, some regions focus in on being traditional in their Native American heritage while other regions incorporate the culture of their Mediterranean ancestors. However, all the different variety of Mexican food is scrumptious in its own, traditional way. One thing that all the regions of Mexico have in common are the mealtimes. The day starts off with a light breakfast in the morning called desayuno. For desayuno, you can have coffee, hot cocoa or a specialty drink known as atole (a thick drink made of corn, rice or oats) served with sweet bread of fruit. Later on in the morning, usually between 9 and 12, you would eat almuerzo. This is basically a brunch, which can consist of an egg or meat dish or any dish composed of fried tortillas. Around 2 and 4 pm, you would eat comida. Comida is considered the main meal of the day which can include several courses such as soup, salad, a main dish and desert. Comida is often served with fruit flavored water known as aqua fresca. The final meal of the day is cena. Cena can usually just have a hot drink and some bread or it can be a small, nice meal consisting of maybe tacos.

The basics of Mexican food include the following: First, there is the staple food of many generations of Mexicans called the tortilla. Tortillas vary in the northern and southern regions of Mexico. In the north, they are usually made of flour as opposed to corn in the south. A tortilla is usually served accompanying a meal but it is also incorporated into many dishes such as enchiladas, tacos or quesadillas. A tortilla can be rolled, baked, fried and grilled to accommodate to any meal! Next are the beans or as Mexicans call them, frijoles. Not only are frijoles an excellent source of protein , they are a main ingredient in a typical Mexican...

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