Mexican Drug Cartels

Topics: Mexico, Mexican Drug War, United States Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: January 10, 2011
President Calderon’s government is currently fighting the drug problem of Mexico. In Calderon’s home in the state of Michoacan, the states of Jalisco, and Guerrero drug related violence has increased considerable. Life has changed for the worst in Mexico under the rising tsunami of drug violence.

As early as October of 2007, the United States drug czar declared that the civil war in Mexico had greatly affected the drug trade in the United States. Cocaine distribution has risen up to 50 percent while the quality and process of the substance dropped 11% ( 1). This has increased the fury of consumers and violence began to spread among the drug sellers and their consumers.

Violence has become such a problem in Mexico as it is related to the drug cartels, that Mexican government announced that they would nearly double the size of its Federal Police force to reduce the military involvement taking care of the movement of the drugs. The reason being is because although Calderon’s government has made a small dent in the drug cartels, the country is losing it’s security at a constant rate. As a result, the number of drug homicides continue to raise. The drug violence has escalated to the point that children cannot play in their neighborhoods due to intimidation and fear. It’s simply not safe (Mendoza 1).

The extreme violence is jeopardizing investments from foreign countries. Who would want to invest in a country where twelve polititians, mayors in particular have been murdered over the course on 2010. ( 1) Unfortunately, the violence related tot he drug cartels has spread so vastly that even the cities known for peace and tranquility have been affected. Mexican police have located bodies with heads, arms, and legs cut off in Tijuana, which is near Tecate. The criminals have labeled the bodies and left notes indicating they “told” police or other officials who can possibly create problems for the drug traffickers; the victims were otherwise...
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