Mexican Cartels

Topics: Mexican Drug War, Illegal drug trade, Smuggling Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Diana Martinez
Miss Lightfoot
Period 2
Mexican Cartels and their Abuse of Young Girls

Violence has become such a problem in Mexico as it is related to drug cartels. The Mexican government announced that they would nearly double the size of its federal police force, to reduce the military involvement (“Mexican Government Softness Drug War”). That takes care of the movement of drug cartels. The drug violence has escalated to the point that young kids and young girls cannot be out in their neighborhoods playing or hanging out with friends due to the intimidation and fear. It is simply not safe anymore. Mexican cartels are kidnapping young teen girls to get money by making them smuggle in drugs and work out in the streets and then sadly, get killed after they have been used. In Mexico there are several and very powerful cartels that are dedicated to do these illegal operations. Cartels have modified their operations to include kidnapping girls, assassination, extortion, and intimidation to establish them and fight against the Mexican government. But these cartels have no love for anyone, only for themselves and their money. They are treating young teenage girls with no respect and no sort of compassion what so ever. They are being used, abused, beaten and killed. The Mexican drug cartels have found a niche for huge profits in the trafficking of women and girls for purposes of sexual exploitation and pornography. The Latin American Herald Tribune article about Mexican Cartels stated that, “Annually they are earning about more than 10 billion dollars thanks to these girls, they currently take in $64.34 billion from their sales to users in the United States.” Mexico’s public safety secretary said. Women in Mexico live in fear each and every day of being captured by one of these men. Dozens of young pretty girls are being kidnapped and snatched out of their neighborhoods others on the bus and others are taken by force out of their own homes at...
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