Mexican and Puerto Ricans

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Amanda Luna
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July 21, 2014
Mexicans and Puerto Ricans
Many Americans think Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are the same since they both belong to the ethnic group, Latino, and have a connection with Spanish language; there are many differences like the accents, vocabulary, culture, history, and the struggles they both had. Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are similar and different in immigration because Mexicans immigrated to the southwestern areas such as Texas and California, while Puerto Ricans immigrated to the eastern side like to New York and such. (Gonzalez) Between these ethnic groups, there are parallels but more variances such as immigration, culture, accents and struggles.

When Puerto Ricans speak Spanish, because of their accent, you can tell the differences between Puerto Rican and the other Latinos. The way Puerto Ricans are different than any other groups is by the way they pronounce some words. For instance, with the Spanish phrase to vacuum, "barrer el suelo”, Puerto Ricans do not ever pronounce their “R’s” or “S’s” like the other Spanish speakers would, which includes Puerto Ricans sometimes intentionally leaving out the "D" sounds in a word. These accents may be related to economic and social background. To elaborate, Puerto Ricans’ skin colors can either be white, black, or a combination of Indian blood, but all Puerto Ricans have different skin colors; there is no specified skin color for Puerto Ricans. Within personal experience, many people do not know with certainty that they are actual Puerto Ricans until they speak. (Immigration - Puerto Ricans) Puerto Rico is a small island defined by its nationalistic and racial identity, which differs from Mexico, because many people who visit Puerto Rico might describe its complexity and vibrancy. The educational system of Puerto Ricans is enormous; not only do they get education in Puerto Rico, but they bring over their knowledge to the United States. However, Puerto Ricans might come over to receive their education in the U.S. Both of these factors could have contributed to the migration population to date. When the Puerto Ricans first began to immigrate, most went to east coast areas like New York. Puerto Rico is known to be some part of the U.S., which allows Puerto Ricans to travel into the United States without passports. As parts of some Puerto Ricans’ influences they have distributed are the dance and music of salsa, merengue, and reggaeton. (Immigration - Puerto Ricans) The accents of Mexicans will never be such a difficult accent like Puerto Ricans; the pronunciation and sound are different in Puerto Ricans’ accents than any other Latino group, but the easiest will always be Mexicans’ accent. Most of the Mexicans’ skin colors are all different kind of colors; there is honestly no actual color for Mexicans. You can tell when someone is Mexican unless they appear to be white color because they look like white Americans. (Immigration - Mexicans) A lot of Americans always say Mexicans immigrated to America, but little do they know that Mexican were already there before United States even existed, but everything changed when the United States came into existence. A gigantic number of Mexicans settled in the southwest and Midwest areas like in Texas and California. Mexicans struggled with their community’s identity and many others struggled with jobs. Over 75,000 Mexican immigrants came over to the United States to work cheap labor and after the Mexican Revolution, another wave of immigrants traveled into the U.S. for safety (Mexico). Many Mexicans illegally crossed over to the United States and because of that the U.S. government has influenced some criticism about the government not doing anything about illegal immigration. The influences Mexicans have brought over to the U.S. included mariachi and Banda music. (Immigration - Mexicans) Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are alike in many ways from their ethic background to the history they...

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