mexican american civil rights

Topics: César Chávez, Mexican American, Dolores Huerta Pages: 4 (1483 words) Published: March 18, 2014
Mexican Americans were one of many ethnic groups that experienced discrimination in schools,at work and public facilities. Fortunately Mexican Americans were not alone they fought together to put an end to discrimination. Not only did they they have each other to depend on but they also had a strong powerful leader who experienced racism in school and fought for injustice in order to help others. She was willing to do everything to help Mexican Americans battle through unfair treatment . Dolores Huerta was a helpful activist who organized programs to help Mexican Americans gain their rights and enhance their lives by helping them through the process of obtaining a job. Dolores Huerta also paired up with others to make a change which was to stop racism and discrimination. She also was a person who got very involved in organizations that helped Mexican Americans vote and get a job she didn't want to see discrimination.She was a woman who from her mother learned to be generous when others were seeking for help. Dolores Huerta was a role model to other women and to young girls. Dolores’ accomplishments and organization as well as others helped contribute to a final end on discrimination.

Dolores Huerta was born in in Dawson,New Mexico which was a mining town on April 10,1930. According to, Dolores Huerta by Frank Perez while in High school Dolores experienced racism she got discriminated by her teacher,Dolores would always get A’s on her class work and tests she was a good student.But the problem was that she was getting such a low grade in the class. One day Dolores went up to the teacher and ask her why her class grade was so low. The teacher responded that her work was to good and maybe somebody did it for her. Dolores was opposed to this and she had an idea that her teacher believed just because she was Mexican American she couldn't be smart (14).Later on in the school year Dolores was in a club. This club was organizing a school dance , the club...
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