Topics: Metrosexual, Homosexuality, David Beckham Pages: 5 (1892 words) Published: June 22, 2005
Inquiry paper; Metrosexuals in society

The Metrosexual Overview

Mertosexual, another word for a feminine strait male. According to he is usually a single man in touch with his feminine side, grooms and buffs his head and body which he "drapes in fashionable clothing both at work and hitting an evening hotspot." He also has to stay up to date with the latest hairstyles, before the newest trends, and the right shoes. He may confuse some guys when it comes to his sexuality, makes many of his metro peers jealous when it comes with success with the ladies. He also impresses women who in turn enjoy his company with the qualities that make him a man. It has seemed that the magician the metro sexual has concocted some of the same qualities that homosexuals have been using for years in order to become chick bait.

The word metrosexual is something I have just recently; say in the past two years heard. I saw a website (works sited page) that claims that it has been around since the mid ninety's. However considering I was pretty young I never recall being exposed to the word. I think this could have been for any number of reasons, mainly the age but also because we are not exposed to the language in Idaho for years after it is initially started. Metrosexual Pioneers and the evolution of metrosexuality

The earliest pioneer for metrosexuality were gay men, this began in the 70's and from the little knowledge started back with the village people. Not to say that the village people themselves were gay but they made an impression on male masculinity to start become mainstream for decades to come.

Now that I have been thinking of the term it brings back the image of vanilla ice whom was popular during that period. I would say that the most obvious idea of metrosexuality is the hair, but if you look at the whole style of the shirt shoes and pants I think that this is what people in the ninety's were talking about when the word metrosexual was first being brought in to the language. This said, metrosexual is not just defined as someone who pays attention to how they look. All performers must take care of how they look to perform. The fact of the matter is that metrosexuals have a feminine characteristic which is what makes them stand out from someone who is strait or a conglomerate of characteristics that make them more feminine. From what I have read this can include such things as having your nails done, or having a pedicure.

Chris's theory of Metrosexuals
Although I have know way of backing up my opinions with facts I would just like to add some of my observant opinions into the mix on the whole idea of metrosexuality. I think that there are two kinds of metrosexuals out there. Those males who grew up with women who were never really exposed to the pressures of male stereotypes, such as how men dress or behave around other men. I could maybe see a situation like this if you were to say grow up with a sibling that was either a sister that was very looked up to as a dominate role model. Or as an extreme example a transvestite.

The other types are the ones that found out that they might be able to get more sex if they go along with this" fad", which is currently a hot topic. Everyone has known these people there whole life. I think that it is hard to argue that now gay traits are also a hot topic, and that the whole idea of being metrosexual is just perfect for everyone out there that want to be a part of the gay bandwagon. Now that being metrosexual is cool they are free to look and act gay without having to have the balls to say they are. Now they have all day to talk to girls about what women think is interesting. Men can now comment on things that they find interesting such as gossip and shit like that. Now the two are having a conversation other then sports or video games as a stereotype. I think in the light of today's day, 2005 metrosexuals are just using this as an excuse to get in a woman's pants....
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