Metrosexuality in Men

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Gender Pages: 6 (2048 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Metrosexuality in Men
It is a typical party scene, too many college kids crammed in a house, all holding red solo cups. There is beer pong in the corner and tonight everyone’s dressed up and feeling loose. The noise is escalating and the song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis starts blaring on the stereo. All of the young girls stand up and start singing along at the top of their lungs. Everyone in the very crowded room has heard the song and most have seen the music video. The guys sway jubilantly to the music in their Jordan’s and laugh at the rhyme scheme. The song makes critique on how concerned, young men are, with fashion these days and the need to copy the “it” fashion icon. Macklemore tells us he would rather be wearing thrift shop clothes to be unique, and fashionable, than spend “fifty dollars on a t-shirt.” Young men today are breaking away from the idea that they should be nonchalant about their clothes. Even Macklemore, who criticizes people who spend too much money on their clothes, appears in the music video donning a giant fur coat. He is not criticizing the fact that young men are becoming more fashionable; instead, he is focusing on how they should try to be more unique. Current examples are showing us how much more open other forms of masculinity are becoming. One of those more common, alternate forms of masculinity that is on the rise is metrosexuality. What is a metrosexual? Merriam-Webster defines, “Metrosexual: a usually urban heterosexual male given to enhancing his personal appearance by fastidious grooming, beauty treatments, and fashionable clothes.”(, “Metrosexuality”). Young metrosexual males are becoming progressively more visible currently because they can feel less judgment due to increased appreciation for homosexuality.

Homosexual males have faced a lot of adversity and discrimination, for many years. Today this discrimination is still prevalent, but is it a lot less violent than before, because people are less hateful toward homosexuals. The hatred can be traced back hundreds of years, though. In 1895, famous Irish poet and homosexual, Oscar Wilde was found guilty of “gross indecencies” and spent two years in prison for partaking in homosexual intercourse. Homosexual intercourse was illegal in England at the time. In fact, same sex sodomy wasn’t decriminalized until 1967 (University of Missouri School of Law, “Homosexuality and the Law in England”). This view of homosexuality was a popular view all over the world in the 1900s. America started out the new centennial in 1903, in New York, by arresting 26 men from a bathhouse, 7 of which faced 4 to 20 years in prison for sodomy ( This explicit hatred of homosexuality has made the heterosexual community want nothing to do with the homosexual community. To make the distinction clear from heterosexual and homosexual males, heterosexuals started caring less about what they wore. The stereotype of homosexual males is, and was, a really fabulous, well-dressed guy, who talked just a little higher than everyone else and wore tight fitting pants. Homosexuals disgusted heterosexuals, so heterosexual males made sure they were nothing like homosexual males. If a heterosexual male were to go to the bar and grab drinks with his buddies and wore a brightly colored shirt and shined shoes and a classy coat, his friends would label him as a homosexual and refuse to associate with him. This situation made heterosexual males less concerned with fashion; as homosexual males began to stray from fashion, there were fewer variations of masculinity. There were multiple ads that ran in the 20th century that expressed the view “let the woman choose.” As Bordo mentions, the 1950s ads by Haggers and Dockers express that heterosexual males shouldn’t care about the way they look (209, Bordo). This type of marketing technique creates a strong stereotype for masculinity. A stereotype that includes dirt, grime, sweat, and...
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