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2.3 QUESTION 310

From the case, it is stated that Metropol Zoo has to make a major decision because of its poor performance over the past few years. External factors such as economy, government decisions, change in consumer behaviour and competition contributed to it. Now, it has to make a decision whether to take up virtual reality (VR) technology to make the zoo more appealing to customers or continue the way it has been doing business and stay true to its conservation mission.

Here, we will like to recommend Metropol Zoo to take up the VR technology because it complements its business and will also help Metropol Zoo to evaluate which animals is worth to keep alongside with VR entertainment.

PESTEL analysis and Michael Porter’s Five Forces analysis are used to analyse the external factors affecting Metropol Zoo. The full list of external factors affecting Metropol Zoo can be found in Appendix 1: PESTEL Analysis and Appendix 2:Michael Porter’s Five Forces Analysis. Below are the key external factors that influence Metropol Zoo’s current and future business.

The main political factor affecting Metropol Zoo is that local and central government has reduced their grants and subsidies to the zoo because of the decline in visitors and economic recession. This has a big impact on the zoo because the lack of fund limits the zoo opportunity for growth as majority of the public funds is use to pay for maintenance. If the number of visitors increase, the government may consider increasing Metropol Zoo funds again.

Economic factor will have its biggest impact on Metropol Zoo during recession. This is because consumers will go to theme parks or other zoos that offers better value for money or substituting it with other form of leisure and entertainment activities. For example, consumers may watch National geographic (2012), an entertainment channel that provides different information about animals at home rather than spending time and money on zoo visits.

In term of social factor, families are in doubt to visit zoos because they think zoos are no longer safe and pose a risk for their child and their own life. For example, a Siberian tiger escaped from its cage in San Francisco Zoo on Christmas day, had been shot dead by police after it killed a 17 years old visitor and hurt two others victims (Henry 2007). This kind of incident makes people doubt zoo quality of work and service. From the case, another social factor that tainted the zoo image is the environmental concerns stimulated by animal rights activists who continued to protest about the captivity and exploitation of animals.

Technologies have change customers experience in entertainment and leisure activities. This affects Metropol Zoo’s business because its competitors are already using technology to make their attractions more appealing and interactive. Plus, customers know get updated news/information and incoming activities through zoos’ official website (ZSL London Zoo 2012). If Metropol Zoo’s management does not incorporate modern technology in its business to enhance the visiting experience, it will lose out to its competitors who offer better entertainment services through the use of technology.

Ethical and environmental factor that affects Metropol Zoo is that it has to stay ethical to its business principles while facing short of funds. For example, providing a better and suitable living environment, food, living quarters, and medical care than the law requires could be part of the ethics Metropol Zoo practices to live up to its high standards of conservation quality. Environmental factor such as weather also affects Metropol Zoo because some animals are not suitable to live in the zoo’s local weather. Therefore, it has to make sure these animals living...

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