Methods of questioning in the Theology

Topics: Theology, Trinity, Philosophy Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: September 28, 2014
 Theology is responsible for continuing search for the fullness of the truth of God made known as Jesus Christ. The task of theology is not just only following the traditional doctrines, but it is by inquiring the truth by questioning and finding answers related to the traditional doctrines. Asking questions presuppose an inseparable bond between our trust in God’s grace and our calls to God’s services. These questions are shaped by theological methods. Theological methods are divided into several ways based on the social location. Important methods are Christocentric theology, Correlation theology, and Liberation theology. Christocentric theology is the method in which the Church continuously tests itself and its proclamation by its own, which Jesus Christ attested in Scriptures. According to Karl Barth, Christocentric theology is to focus of all scriptures in Jesus Christ. The one God who is the Creator of all things is the God who was incarnated in Jesus in order to become our savior and our life. Christocentric method for theology consists of relating the results of theological study directly and finally to the person and work of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the truth and the life. The questions for theology must be raised from the norms, not by the other sources. Paul Tillich explains Correlation theology as the psychology depth. One always starts with the incompleteness and the brokenness, and can end with the wholeness and the unity of the God. Our self-knowledge at surface can lead us to the levels we knew nothing at the surface. It can lead us to the deepest of all beings. This immeasurable depth is known as God. So, Paul Tillich means that existential questions are associated with the field of philosophy, literature and so on. Also, Ludwig Feuerbach states that theology is the anthropology. Human beings created the theology in an attempt to assert themselves against their natural limitations....
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