Methods of Evangelism

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Methods of Evangelism
Genevieve Hamer
Liberty University Online
Four Spiritual Laws
The Intellectual Method of Evangelism referred to as “The Four Spiritual Laws” is best known as the widely used way of evangelism used by the popular college ministry known as Campus Crusade and was first published in 1957 by founder, Bill Bright in a pamphlet titled Have You heard of the four Spiritual Laws? In this publication, Bright simplifies the truths of the Gospel in an attempt to reach as many people as possible. What are known as Biblical truths are delivered as spiritual laws in order to assist people to recognize that just as we are governed by man’s laws on earth, there are also spiritual laws that govern the relationship between God and man. The four spiritual laws are: 1) God loves you; 2) Man is sinful and separated from God; 3) Jesus Christ is God’s only provision for man’s sin and 4) We must individually receive Jesus as Savior and Lord. (Bright, 2007) There are some very obvious advantages in using this method of evangelism. It is simple and easy to follow and it starts off on a very positive note by explaining God’s love for mankind rather than addressing the sinful state that all of mankind is in before accepting Christ. Each point also has Scripture references to emphasis or proves that the laws are from God himself. The Four Spiritual Laws has been wildly successful in winning souls for Christ and the publication itself has sold over one hundred million copies and has been translated into all the major languages of the world making it a readily available resource for an evangelism tool. (Moo, 2002) There are however several disadvantages in choosing to use this method of evangelism. By electing to start these laws out on a positive note and addressing God’s love for mankind first instead of the sinfulness and our need of a Savior, one may get the false impression that he does not need to be saved. In addition with the references to scripture being...

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