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EVAN 101-B15
September 26, 2013
“Methods of Evangelism”

Part ONE-Evangelistic Method #1- The intellectual method I chose was Four Spiritual Laws. I found a pamphlet by Bill Bright, which stated in plain English the four laws, God loves you, Man is sinful, and Jesus Christ is God’s only provision for man’s sin. And, we must individually receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This method would be great to use in any setting, weather believer or non-believer. It further shows how much God loves us, by sending His only son. This method does not pressure the person, encourages the person to look inside of themselves and understand their need for what God is offering. It’s not forcing the person, it invites, and that is the advantage of this method. In his teachings Mr. Bright lets non-believers see the differences between the life that is self-directed and the life that is Christ directed, and the consequences of both ways of life. The disadvantage would be if the person himself thought you took too long to tell them.

Part TWO- Evangelistic Method #2- The relational method I chose was servant evangelism. It is by far the most hands on method of evangelizing; with this method you must do something. Whatever this something is it must spark people to ask questions and it does. When a person ask a question that means they are thinking anytime you can get someone thinking, half the battle is already won. This method is not for the lazy Christian, it requires action, but with careful planning of the event all members of a church can be apart. It does not matter the age of the member only do they want to help. One group can go into the streets, while another stays at the church or another location and help the people sent in by the ones on the street. The greatest servant evangelist was Jesus, he helped wherever he went, he did all he could for all. He washed feet. (John 13:1-7) Servant evangelism reaches people for Christ by actively demonstrating God’s...

References: Have you heard of the four spiritual laws?
Do you know for sure? Evangelism Explosion Method
Servant Evangelism.
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