Methods of Data Input, Output, Storage and Speed

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Running Head: Data Input, Output, Storage and Speed

Methods of Data Input, Output, Storage and Speed
Kenneth Sparks
University of Phoenix

Methods of Data Input, Output, Storage and Speed

We all should know and understand that accuracy of data input is important. In today’s society we rely on data input by others in almost everything we do. Knowing how the most efficient way of inputting data can aid in daily functioning. You can be prepared for what a support person may ask and know in what format to provide the answer. By knowing this you may also be able to prevent fraud and other scams that can have an adverse effect on your daily life. This paper will explore a small sampling of input devices, some forms of output, and storage devices. The last part of this paper will examine what affects the speed of a computer. We have all heard or used the term ‘my computer is slow; it’s taking forever to process this request’. What is meant by those phrases? I will address four items of almost every modern computer in an effort to explain. When examining the input of data one finds many different ways or types of information that can be stored on a computer. But what are the best methods and why? Contained are five items one would use to input data into the computer. Printed Questionnaire; we fill these out in doctors’ offices, pharmacies, schools, and even the U.S Census uses this method of input. One of the quickest and most efficient methods would be using a pre-printed answer card that all one has to do is fill in the circle. When fed into a reader the system automatically tracks the responses and produces a report as dictated by the organizer. Another way is by having established questions and answers on the computer and all the user has to do is ’key’ in their answer. Once finished all the data is stored and the report can automatically be generated. Telephone Survey; most of us are very familiar with this method of gathering data and dread those evening calls. But this is a very good method for companies to gather data. There are two ways this method works, one is voice recognition. This methods has you answer basic yes and no or answers containing only numbers. It is fast and efficient; today’s recognition programs easily identify this type of input. The second way this is used is via push button (keypad) input. All one has to do to respond is push the designated key and the system will move on to the next question. Bank Checks; almost everyone has a bank account and checks, although these may become a thing of the past due to the technology of online bill pay. The old method would be for the for a teller or bank employee to hand type in all the information before adjustments to an account could be made. Today an Optical Scanning device called Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) allows for a quick scan and routing of the check to the proper bank. If you look at the bottom of a check you will see two large sets of computer generated numbers, this is what MICR reads and routes to the proper bank. Many banks still have to type in the amount, but this method is much quicker and more efficient. Retail Tags; if you have purchased any type of clothing recently you will be familiar with this type of input. As you go to check out the clerk passes the bar code cross a scanner and your amount charged is displayed. The scanner is called an Optical Scanning input device. It automatically reads the bar code and process the data this moving beam scanner eliminates human error (Anonymous, 2009). The data processed is more than just the price, it affects inventory and is used to generate reports necessary for the retailer and manufacturer. Another method that is gaining popularity is Radio Frequency Inventory Device (RFID). This is when a microchip is placed on or in an item that allows store readers to constantly count the inventory on...
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