methods for measuring national income

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Methods and Quality (v1)

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Table of Contents
1 Overview
2 General Information
2.1 Statistical Category
2.2 Area of Activity
2.3 Organisational Unit Responsible, Persons to Contact
2.4 Objectives and Purpose; History
2.5 Periodicity
2.6 Client
2.7 Users
2.8 Legal basis

3 Statistical Concepts, Methods
3.1 Subject of the Statistics
3.2 Units of Observation/Collection Units/Units of Presentation 3.3 Data Sources
3.4 Reporting Unit/Respondents
3.5 Type of Survey/Process
3.6 Characteristics of the Sample/Process
3.7 Survey Technique/Data Transfer
3.8 Questionnaire (including explanations)
3.9 Participation in the Survey
3.10 Characteristics of the Survey/Process and its Results
3.10.1 Income estimate – current prices
3.10.2 Expenditure estimate – current prices
3.10.3 Expenditure estimate – constant prices
3.10.4 Output estimate – constant prices
3.10.5 Institutional Sector Accounts
3.10.6 Supply and Use and Input -Output Tables

3.11 Classifications used
3.12 Regional Breakdown of Results

4 Production of the Statistics, Data Processing, Quality Assurance 4.1 Data Capture
4.2 Coding
4.3 Data Editing
4.4 Imputation
4.5 Grossing and Weighting
4.6 Computation of Outputs, Estimation Methods Used
4.7 Other Quality Assurance Techniques Used

5 Quality
5.1 Relevance
5.2 Accuracy and Reliability
5.2.1. Sampling Effects, Representativity
5.2.2. Non-Sampling Effects
5.3 Timeliness and Punctuality
5.3.1 Provisional Results
5.3.2 Final Results
5.4 Coherence
5.5 Comparability
5.6 Accessibility and Clarity
5.6.1 Assistance to Users, Special Analyses
5.6.2 Revisions
5.6.3 Publications
5.6.4 Confidentiality

6 Additional documentation and publications

Annex1 Definitions

National Accounts

Quality report

1. Overview
The National Accounts form a comprehensive framework within which economic data can be presented in a coherent, consistent manner. The first official estimates of national income and expenditure for Ireland for the period 1938-1944 were published in 1946. In time the national accounts developed into an annual series and later (in 1999) quarterly accounts were introduced.

Estimates are provided at current and constant prices. The impact of price changes is eliminated from the estimates at constant prices so that these measure the real or volume changes in the various aggregates over time.

The principal outputs are
the annual National Income and Expenditure (NIE) report that contains details of all the main aggregates
quarterly national accounts that provide measures of the trend in the main aggregates on a quarterly basis
annual institutional sector accounts that provide a systematic description of various stages of the economic cycle for individual institutional sectors (non-financial and financial corporations, government, private households, private non-profit organisations and others) Annual estimates of output and value added by activity

Regional GVA and Household Income data and
supply and use and input-output tables that provide more detailed information on the structure of the economy.
The national accounts are produced within an integrated statistical framework that is based on the European system of National and Regional Accounts (ESA95). The use of this standard ensures that Ireland‟s national accounts are comparable with those of other EU member states. As well as being used for monitoring developments in the economy, some of the main aggregates are used for EU administrative purposes.

2. General information
2.1 Statistical Category
The national accounts are compiled using a wide range of statistical and administrative sources. 2.2 Area of Activity
Macro economic statistics
2.3 Organisational Unit Responsible, Person to Contact
National Accounts...
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