Methodology: System Development Life Cycle (Sdlc)

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In this Chapter, we present the method that we used to develop the System. The method that we used is called System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

The SDLC parts are System Planning, System Analysis, System Design, System Implementation. The SDLC method is the one that most IT programmers used in gathering and creating System.

3.1 System Planning

This is the first stage in creating the system. First, we identify the problem that occurs during the enrollment at Marikina Montessori Center. After identifying the problem, we started to think of the possible features that we could program on our system to help the school.

3.2 System Analysis

On this stage, we started creating charts to help us create a good flow of our system. We analyze the information that we gathered during the planning phase.

On this stage, we started to study the flow of their current system which is a manual system. After analyzing their current system and the problem that they encountered using it, we decided that we should use a database that could handle all of the information they need to save.

3.3 System Design

On this stage, we started programming our system. We design the user interface and identify all the inputs, outputs and processes that is needed to create such system.

This is the hardest stage of the SDLC because we have to make sure that we programmed the system correctly. We also have to make sure that it could handle all the information and process that the users need. We decided to make the user interface easy to navigate so that the user could use it easily.

3.4 System Implementation

Now that we’re done coding our system, the next step is to show our system with its documents to our adviser in case that there are still revisions to be made.

On this stage, the system is now ready for a trial run and now ready to be use.

3.5 System Operation and Support

After implementing or installing the system, we have to...
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