Methodology of Thesis

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In this chapter the researchers includes the following: Research method used, Sample and sampling techniques, Research instruments and techniques, and Statistical treatment of Data.

Research Method Used
In conducting the research, the researchers used Descriptive Method, which tries to find answers on questions related to existing condition. Descriptive research involves collecting data, which answers the questions concerning the current status of the subject. It determines and reports how things are.

Sevilla explained that Descriptive Method is designed to gather information about present existing conditions to describe the nature of the situation, as it exists at the time of the study and to explore the causes of a particular phenomenon. It is the research that determines “what is”.

This kind of research involves assessing the opinion solicited from the respondents through normative survey, questionnaires, interviews and observations. A survey that constitutes an organized attempt to analyze, interpret and report present status of the institution or group of areas. The purpose of this is to acquire a group of classified, generalized and interpreted data for the future guidance and practice of persons responsible and interested.

Sample and Sampling Techniques
In connection with the selecting of respondents, the researchers established some qualifications in order to have a qualified answer. The researchers have agreed to concentrate on the following criteria: [1] the respondent must be at least 16-27 years old, [2] the respondent must at least 3-24 months studying in selected course offered by Saint Therese of the Child Jesus Institute of Arts and Sciences, [3] the respondent must have experienced in committing to an early relationship.

In order to get the total numbers of respondents for the study, the researchers had chosen the Stratified Random Sampling- the process of selecting samples from the different strata of the population for the study. Thus, this is used when the population of the inquiry has class groupings. The researchers gathered the total numbers of second year students on the selected courses namely Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial management, Hotel and Restaurant Services, Computer Software Programming, this gathered a total population of 42, and followed the steps in computing the sample size and the sample proportion using the formulas found in the succeeding paragraphs.

For computing the sample size of the respondents, we are going to use this formula,

n= ___N___
1 + Ne2

in which,
n = the size of the sample
N = the size of the population
e = the margin of the error (0.05 or 5%)

In computing the sample proportion of the respondents to get the total percentage...
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