Methodology: Metro Manila and Caloocan City

Topics: Metro Manila, Manila, Valenzuela City Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: January 18, 2014
This chapter presents the research design of the study, the subjects and the area of the study, sampling method, data needed, the research instrument, procedures for data gathering, procedures for data analysis and logistics, schedule and budgetary requirements. Research Design

The study made use of Descriptive Analysis in determining the attitudes of student smokers to selected Caloocan City student smokers. Descriptive analysis was appropriate for the researchers' study which discovered and described the attitudes of student smokers towards smoking despite the SIN Tax Law and the effects of smoking towards student smokers themselves as its primary objective. Descriptive analysis was the most appropriate way on obtaining these two variables. The research study made used of survey and in-depth interview as research techniques. The advantage of having survey as research instrument was the cheapest technique. If correct sampling was achieved, the result of the survey would be generally accurate. Past and present information can also be use and apply to the study. The disadvantage of having survey as research instrument was limited in scope and respondents may not write honest answers. In-depth interview was a qualitative research technique used by the researchers that allowed researchers person to person discussion. It was lead to increased insight into people’s thoughts and behaviour on the important issues. This was often unstructured and therefore permitted the interviewer to encourage the respondent to talk at length about the topic of interests. The advantaged of conducting an In-depth interview was the ability to choose respondents. It generated ideas in pilot studies and obtaining greater depth information on a topic of interest as a supplement to data received from other methods. Survey had researchers' primary instruments since the research locales of the study are respondents (student smokers) and this instrument deeply gave researchers...
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