Methodology for Record Management

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Chapter 3
Research Design
In developing the system, the developers will use the waterfall model as the software development methodology or also known as SDM. The waterfall model is often used in software development processes it is a sequential software development model in which development is seen as flowing steadily downwards through several phases. It is often divided into phases or stages to reduce the implementation complexity. The phases of the model are analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment. The most important aspect of the waterfall model is that unless a particular stage is complete, the next stage cannot be started off with. Using a waterfall model, there are numbers of advantages, which makes it, one of the most widely used models as yet. One of the advantages of the model is that it is very simple to implement because it is a linear model and the resources required to implement is model is minimal also because it is Easy to explain to the user.

Waterfall Model





Waterfall model
Analysis. This is the first stage of the waterfall model diagram and is described as the most crucial one, wherein any miscommunication and misinterpretation at this stage may give rise to the software that has been developed. During this phase research is being conducted which includes brainstorming about the software, what it is going to be and what purpose is it going to fulfill.

In this stage, interviews are done acquiring the requirements needed by the user.
In the end of the system development, the requirements must be met for productivity of the company. The developers gathered the requirements and analyzed each in order to identify the needed requirements for the automated record management system. The developers identified some of the common problems that will help to find and suggest some solutions.

Design. Before starting the actual coding phase, it is highly important to understand the requirements of the end user and also have an idea of how should the end product looks like. After the basic design gets approved, then a more elaborated technical design can be planned.

After gathering all the requirements for the system, the developers visualized how the system will appear to the user. Through this, they constructed the physical, software and logical design of the system. This involves specifying and designing the project's hardware and software requirements together with the inter-relation. Implementation. This stage consists of actually constructing the software design and specifications developed in the previous stage. Typically, this step is performed by a development team consisting of programmers, interface designers and other specialists, using tools such as compilers, debuggers, interpreters and media editors. The developers started the coding phase. The software is coded as per the algorithm. Hence it becomes very important that the algorithm should be properly designed. The software designed, needs to go through constant software testing and error correction processes to find out if there is any flaw or errors. Testing. At this phase, the whole design and its construction is put under a test to check its functionality. If there are any errors then they will surface at this point of the process.

Here the various codes designed by the developers are integrated and is tested if the software works as per the specifications provided. All the bugs, which are made due to integration, are removed. If any more errors do exist, the researchers fix the bugs only to be retested. The waterfall model in testing is followed, to make the software bug free, as far as possible.

Deployment. The cycle of software development does not end with handing the software to the client. Maintenance and management is needed to ensure that the system will...
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