Methodogical approaches

Topics: Literature, Linguistics, Second language Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Ricardo Daniel Sauceda Riojas #17 Literatura en Lengua Inglesa Prof. Rosio Brondo IV Sem. Methodological approaches

Alan Maley makes a distinction between the study of literature starting from literature is language in use and can therefore be exploited for language learning. The study of literature involves a considerable baggage of metalanguage, critical concepts; knowledge of conventions and for second language learners presupposes a prior engagement. Approaches to the study of literature in a second or foreign language have recently sought to fraw on work in the discipline of stylistics and the teaching of literature stylistics has benefits to language learners. Literary stylistics and the dominant pedagogies is generally referred to as practical criticism. Stylistic offer frameworks for analysis which are explicit to be used on other text. Supporters of stylistics argue that the approach is valuable for native-speaking students. For such students stylistics analysis can be an appropriate way in to the study of literary texts. Criticism and practical criticism are established modes of closed reading developed in numerous different cultural and political educational contexts. Readers wishing to learn more about the aims and methods of stylistics can do so by consulting the notes and bibliographies supplied throughout this book. The aims of literary stylistics analysis have been to try to account objectively for the meaning of a text. No analysis can be objective since any reader is ineluctably position edin relation to his/her self access to power and knowledge. Literary works exist in history as well as in and through language. Stylistics tends to operate with unquestioned assumptions about the nature of literary language. The analytical techniques associates with stylistic approaches...
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