Method of Planting Paddy

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Paddy is an important food crop. A paddy crop is also unique compared to other crops because of the cultivation process. However, paddy cultivation process consists of two methods that is cultivation in modern way and cultivation in traditional way. However, the process of paddy cultivation experienced a similar process but differ only in terms of technology and revenue. Therefore, paddy cultivation methods through several steps such as:

1) Plantation site selection

Traditional paddy cultivation started with plowing fields to prepare the plantation seed site in a small area of ​​paddy field. Traditional plowing process is using a plow pulled by a buffalo during the rainy season. However, this is considered non-productive way. Hence, the tractor machinery was used. There are two types of tractors used for plowing work. These tractors are known as being two wheel tractors and four wheel tractors. Both tractors are used to loosen soil for increasing the process of paddy crop.

2) The preparation of seeds

Paddy is planted with seeds. The preparation of paddy seeds consists of the selection of paddy seeds and the seeding of paddy seeds. First of all, the selection of high-quality seed is important to ensure that a lot of revenue after it reaches maturity. Next, the seed sowing is done entirely using manpower. This is where the process includes soaking the seed paddy until the seeds are sown in the plantation seed site provided. In addition, there are other ways such as direct seeding. Direct seeding is done directly in the cultivation and in this way does not require a lot of manpower utilization. However, this way will not be effective without a good irrigation system. The machine that has been used for sown of seeds is a pump machine.

3) Crop removal

On the fifth or sixth leaf, seedlings from the plantation seed site will be transferred into the paddy fields that have a larger area. However,...
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