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Method of approach

27 nov. 2013

The New Generation Consulting Group


For the International Business Consultancy project, we had to find a company which was willing to help us, so eventually we could help them. The idea behind the project is that we act as a consultancy group, giving recommendations to a client who has international ambitions. That client became SmartSpotter. Further information about this company can be found in the
‘Background Check’ chapter.
Since we are 4th year students on bachelor degree, companies are more than happy to have such a team of students giving them (free) advice. As stated, the recommendations are subjected to the international ambitions of a company. It is our job to clarify and describe the way on which the company can fulfil their international ambitions and be successful.
Before we do the research and write down our recommendations, we create this document. Better known as a method of approach. This plan contains subjects as Background Check, Project-Goal Description, Quality Assurance, Planning, etc.
We will use this plan as a guide throughout the process of giving consultation towards SmartSpotter.


Table of contents

Background Check


Project-Goal Description


Project-Activities Description


Project-Limits Description




Quality Assurance


Project-Organisation Description




Costs and Benefits







Background Check

SmartSpotter was founded in early 2011 by Arno Fidder, Maarten Stut and Martijn Vegter. During their time as sales- and marketing-managers at other companies, Arno and Maarten found the need to quickly obtain easy accessible and efficient information about the shop. For instance the way the display window was presented, what products were visible throughout the shop, even what milk was being used for serving cappuccino or other drink-related

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