Method of Abortion

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Methods of Abortion
Salena Hunt
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ENC1109-2 Composition II

Abortion was legalized in 1973; it is the process of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Roe vs. Wade is a Supreme Court law that gives women the unlimited right to abortion in the course of pregnancy in the first 3 months (, LLC., 2013). Women of America have abortions everyday of every year. All women have their reasons behind why they want to get an abortion. Although abortion should be illegal in all states, it’s not; therefore women should and need to be well educated about the types of abortion before having an abortion. When considering abortion women should be aware of the importance and dangers of the different abortion method. There are 3 ways to terminate a pregnancy. The 3 ways are the morning after pill, the abortion pill, and the in-clinic procedure. It is important that women understand the difference between each of the methods. The morning after pill helps to avoid getting pregnant by delaying ovulation or keeping the egg from implanting in the uterus and if you become pregnant after taking the morning after pill then the medication won’t harm the embryo if you decide to go through with the pregnancy you will not be put at high risk (Choice & Health, 2006-2007). As to where the abortion pill terminates a pregnancy that has already been implanted and has a 96% to 99% effectiveness rate (Choice & Health, 2006-2007).The abortion pill should be used 9 weeks after the first day of a woman’s missed period (Abortion, 2013). 57% of known abortion providers offered the abortion pill (Rachel K. Jones, 2008). The in-clinic abortion procedure is a medical procedure that ends pregnancy (Procedures, 2013).The procedure is performed starting at five weeks the first day or the last period up until the last day of the thirteenth weeks (Center, 2009). When an individual decides to have an abortion they or other may have questions about the abortion pill or the in-clinic abortion procedure. They may wonder how much it’s going to cost, where they can go to get it done or get information, or how safe it is etc. the abortion pill and the in-clinic abortion procedure are both secure, sufficient, and effective. They are also both offered and provided by many Planned Parenthood Health Centers. The pill costs less than the procedure does. The cost for the abortion pill and the in-clinic abortion procedure matters because some women may want to have an abortion but have no clue has to how much it’s going to be the cost may also effect there decision about having an abortion especially if it’s a teenage girl who doesn’t want anyone to know. In North Carolina alone there are 10 clinics in 10 different cities (Services, 2013).Planned Parenthood Health Center is here to assist women with options and help them choose what is right for any individual. They will also provide you with information about your questions and concerns. The abortion pill is very effective it works about 97 out of every 100 times. Women should follow up with their health care providers after the abortion to check if the pill worked. However if the pill doesn’t work and the pregnancy continues the medicine in the pill can cause serious birth defects. If the pill fails you will need to have an aspiration abortion to end the pregnancy (Abortion, 2013).Before taking the abortion pill to abort your pregnancy you will need to visit your health care provider to discuss your option, talk about your medical history, have laboratory tests done, have a physical exam, also read and sign papers (Abortion, 2013). During a medication abortion the first step is to get the pill from your health care provider he/she will also give you some antibiotics to take after the abortion pill. The pill works by blocking the hormone progesterone and without that the lining of the uterus breaks down and the pregnancy won’t be able to continue. The next step is the misoprostol which is...
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