Metaphors to Describe Life

Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Life’s Descriptions
Life is one of those words that can be shaped however one may please and turned into an idea suited for themselves. For example, “Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop” (Brown). There are many metaphors used to describe life depending on whether it is an optimistic or pessimistic view. Two comparisons some may make about life are having to do with having their life course mapped out and then, to its polar opposite, going through each day without a clue. For instance, when one says “life is the clouds” they are referring to having life figured out and then thinking of it as “life is wearing a blindfold” has a different take on it expressing not knowing which choice to make next because you do not know where you are going. There are those who seem to be born with great intellect and direction knowing each and every step they are going to make and also those that have trouble figuring out the simple tasks. For people who may sometimes find themselves feeling they are stuck in a rut in life they should remember that life can be seen as steady planned out routines but can then also be viewed blindly with every step depending on how they choose to view it themselves. If going through life optimistically, one may see the “life is the clouds” metaphor as a fitting description. When trying to understand the meaning behind this metaphor, an understanding of the clouds is necessary. They go through the ongoing cloud cycle. Specific meteorologists who study clouds’ basic routine and function, better known as nephrologists, know what is to follow in a cloud “life”. So, with that, comparing one’s life to that of a cloud’s shows that they know or have a strong idea of what is to come. For example, “The sun always shines above the clouds” (“Quotes About Clouds). People look at clouds with some sort of positivity. People who seem to go through life with ease are usually those who set goals and deadlines for themselves to keep it on...

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