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You can never fully get away from using metaphors in your life.

We use them everyday without knowing it, which is why I agree

with Robert Frost.

The use of metaphors is so common when we speak or write, we

sometimes don’t even notice and that’s the beauty of it. It’s so easy to

use and it can make a conversation or writing much more exciting.

When Robert Frost says :

You don’t know how much you can get of it and when it will

cease to yield….

It gives a good example to show how we don’t see using metaphors as

a big thing but if we stopped using them one day the impact it would


A reason why I agree with Frost is because of assignment we did

In my own English class recently it was with the usage of war

metaphors in sports commentary. We were given a picture of a

football game and we had write a caption for it. One using war metaphors

and one without any. When I wrote both I found that the one not

containing and metaphors was plain and boring. But the one with the war

metaphors in it , it seemed like I was actually at the game and

physically saw what happen. Another example was when I was reading

“The Hunger Games” I felt as if I was fighting right beside them because

of the metaphors they used to describe the battle field and the weapons

they used. I’m not a big fan of reading so for me to read the whole series

it had to be extremely good. If the book was plain and didn’t really use

any type of figurative language I don’t believe I would of got past the first


Before I did that assignment with the football picture I didn’t see
use of metaphors as a big...
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