Metaphor Paper

Topics: Psychology, Education, Learning Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: May 14, 2012

Patrick Doran
EPS 511
1st Metaphor Paper

As a teacher dedicated to consider how children think, feel, and understand their world, I am like a good book. Like a good book, once you get started and really get into it, you start thinking about it when you are not even reading it. I want to become the main focus point of my students’ attention. I want them to always be interested in what they are about to learn, but also very excited about what is coming next. A good book helps people solve problems they might be having and inspire people to do great things both academically and personally.

I have to make sure that I am a good book, and not a book that people do not really care for. This has happened with some of my teachers that I have had in the past. It goes more along the line of do not judge a book by its cover. Everything seemed like it was going to be perfect; the setting, the attitude of the teacher, the willingness of the students to learn, and then when you really get into the book you find out that it is pretty boring and cannot keep your attention. When I read a book that is not very interesting I tend to get tired and not really pay too much attention. I see this being the same thing as a teacher goes through. If you are not interesting and kind of boring, children will also get that vibe and tune you out.

I want to be like that book that you just cannot get enough of. Keeping everyone on the edge of their seat, and excited to find out what will happen next. When I finish a good book, I wish it was not over and often reflect back on it to see what I have learned. That is exactly what I want my future students to think of me. Always being able to draw back on the life lessons that we will learn, and I will be there as a reference for them to turn to when they are looking for some answers.

I will have certain goals of the learning process that I must meet. This stays in line with the good book metaphor...
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