Metamorphasis of Michael Jennings

Topics: Fiction, English-language films, John Fowles Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: March 1, 2006
Michael Jennings serves as a respectable and caring detective character in "The Enigma" by John Fowles. The author portrays a personable, quick-minded diplomat and he seems able to pass as a rich, trendy young man. Throughout the beginning of this short story, Jennings carefully and respectfully questions the other characters in the essay with some relation with Mr. Fielding. Jennings repeatedly confirms his admirable identity by his conscientious words and considerate actions. Despite these positive occurrences, the story takes a turn in the last quarter of the piece. Suddenly, when Jennings meets Isobel, he becomes overwhelmed with feelings of lust and she progressively distracts him from his work. This new attitude contradicts the image of Jennings the reader forms in the beginning, as Michael Jennings becomes a fallen hero.

The image of Mr. Jennings that initially comes to mind is young and attractive. He also seems to be exceptionally polite and well-mannered. These assumptions are obvious with his continual smiles and his humble and gracious words with the other characters whom he interrogates. "The sergeant found he had to tread very lightly indeed when it came to delving into Fielding's past" (Fowles 206). Jennings perpetually considers the feelings of others and is repeatedly described as smiling at someone.

The author created Jennings for the reader to follow along through the murder mystery through the detective's point of view. This perspective is especially interesting in this particular story because of the twisted ending. Jennings is completely on is own as a character throughout the text until he meets with Isobel. Almost instantly there is a connection and the reader sees the traits the two characters have in common and how they identity with each other. Complex describes Jennings' personality very well. Most importantly, he acts as sensitive, caring man then changes into a lustful, impressionable character. The text...
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