Metal vs. Emo

Topics: Heavy metal music, Hardcore punk, Rock music Pages: 4 (1371 words) Published: May 17, 2006
Heavy metal music and Emo (Emo is a term derived from Emotional, it's a form of music that replaced punk music in the early 90's) are two underground music scenes, even though they are both underground and forms of rock they have absolutely nothing in common. From the music to the style that surrounds the music Metal and Emo are almost complete opposites. Metal-Heads wear baggy clothes and Emo kids wear tight clothes. Metal is fast low and heavy, Emo is sometimes fast but high and not very heavy. Emo lyrics have to do with Emotions, hence the name Emo, but more often then not the songs end up being about some girl that left them. Metal lyrics do not offer much more, their songs are usually about death, dying and the dead. Metal and Emo are nothing alike and clash in a lot of ways.

One of the major differences between Metal and Emo is their lyrics. The lyrics of Metal vary, but none of them offer anything structure or thought. They often have to do with hate and the Devil, unless you listen to one of those terrible Christian metal bands, which no self-respecting metal head listens to. Metal Lyrics at the end of the song leave you pissed off and angry at Christians or just pissed and you do not quite know why. They often use the devil and Satanism as more of a form of rebellion then actual belief system, most bands that talk of Satan in their lyrics are atheist and don't believe in anything. They use it as a representative of rebellion against the morals of society. On the other hand Emo Lyrics are far different and actually have meaning and feeling behind them, and often tell a sad, depressing story, usually about a girl. The stereotype of an Emo song is a guy whining for four minuets about his girl friend leaving him. For the most part this is true but there are many different Emo songs out there that actually have something to say about life. Emo, most of the time, has a sad depressing motive behind it. I have come across very few happy Emo...
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