Metacommunication: Regulatory Focus Theory and Persuasive Appeal Speech

Topics: Regulatory Focus Theory, Rhetoric, Persuasion Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: July 5, 2013
Essay 2) Using reflective metacommunication skills, indicate what communication decisions you would change if Assignment 11 had the purpose of creating, organizing, outlining, and delivering an effective persuasive appeal speech instead of an idea information speech.

Refer directly to the first three steps of the communication decision-making tool, DECIDE, in your essay answer and integrate key concepts and key terms from lessons in this course. Refer specifically to decisions to make changes in your introduction, conclusion, organization, and delivery. (25 points)

Changing to a persuasive goal versus an informative goal only mildly changes the first step in the DECIDE model. In my informative speech, I simply had the goal of educating the listener about the benefits of being prepared in giving a speech. It is only a small step further to attempting to persuade them that being prepared is beneficial, since a large part of persuasion is, indeed, education. With the goal changing to persuasion, I would need to propose a thesis instead of a simple central idea.

The evaluation of the receivers of my message may be different, in general, when considering persuasion versus information. In my case, for this assignment, however, there would be little difference in either, as it should not be too difficult to convince my audience, i.e. my professor, that preparation is key in presenting an effective informational speech. However, were I preparing to present to a room full of teenagers, instead, I would try to bring in some areas of interest or analogies that prove my point

In creating the message, the most important consideration I would have is supporting my contention with evidence. While, again, I did this in the informative speech, instead of simply stating ideas or fact, I would be focusing on the importance of how those facts show that preparing is better than not preparing. In other words, it would be more of a comparison, demonstrating the benefits of...
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