Topics: Cognition, Cognitive science, Psychology Pages: 1 (168 words) Published: December 8, 2014
A key element to understand the metacognitive process for a doctoral learner begins with oneself, being that our own perspectives impact thoughts and decisions. It is important for doctoral learners to build active metacognitive skills. As doctoral students seek deeper understanding into their own thinking, we start to problem solve by asking evaluative questions. Metacognitive awareness and strategies help to build stronger cognitive skills (Okoza, Aluede, & Owens-Sogolo, 2013). As a doctoral student, metacognitive awareness learning strategies are valuable for building reflective and evaluative thinking. Okoza, et al. (2013), asks participants a series of planning, monitoring, and evaluating inquiries essential for doctoral students. Several of the inquiries would be invaluable for determining the overall goal before beginning it, adjusting for potential problems, and stopping periodically to check progress on a learning task, as well as reflecting on what could have been done differently.

Okoza, J., Aluede, O., & Owens-Sogolo, O. (2013). Assessing students' metacognitive awareness of learning strategies among secondary school students in edo state, nigeria. Research in Education, (90), 82-97. doi:10.7227/RIE.90.1.6
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