Metabical Positioning Startegy

Topics: Obesity, Marketing, Weight loss Pages: 8 (2959 words) Published: March 29, 2011
2) How should Printup think about the segmentation of potential Metabical consumers? Who is the optimal target consumer? The book of Marketing Management defines “Market Segmentation” as the process of dividing the market into group(s) of similar consumers and selecting the most appropriate to serve. Eventually, the selected group will be called the target market. According to this definition and the case on hand, Printup must decide on the parameters according to which she should start the segmentation process. I suggest using the psychographic segmentation as basis where consumers’ lifestyle is investigated by asking them about their activities, interests and opinions (AIO) and then grouped according to the similarity of their responses. Printup can use demographics (age, gender, Education, Income) as the framework for her decision and jointly use that information with the answers from the Marketing survey that assesses the opinions and behaviours of individuals in regards to body image and weight loss. Further, a decision can be made by assessing which segment will be most receptive to the product on hand, Metabical, and have its needs best matched with the solution that Metabical offers. These criteria make our segmented market measurable, meaningful, and marketable which in turns makes it a viable segment. Gladly, this information is given in the case and can be put into use. The Optimal Target Market

Using the parameters stated above in segmenting the market, the optimal target market for Metabical shapes up to be as follows: Healthcare providers since Metabical is a prescription drug and physicians are constantly seeking help for their patients to help them lose weight and keep it off for the long term in order to minimize the dangers of heart disease and diabetes, and the end users who are the patients. The profile of the end user would be summarized as follows: women aged 35+, college educated with income level above 80,000, suffering from excess body weight (BMI level is between 28-30), unhappy with their current body image and health status, have struggled long with losing and gaining weight, visit regularly a healthcare provider and looking forward for a solution that helps them make a leap toward healthy lifestyle that is easy, effective and lasts long term.

Here’s the reasoning behind it:
Obviously obesity in the USA is following a steep upward trend. 34% of the population is considered overweight, another 25.8% were considered obese and 4.7% were severely overweight. This translates into 148 million individuals in 2008 that are fat to different extents. From the market study 70% of the respondents were not satisfied with their weight, 35% were actively trying to lose weight, and 15% were willing to use drugs to help them out. So, there is a big market out there in the USA for a product like Metabical. Metabical offers a fast solution to tackle obesity especially for the moderately obese individuals whose BMI range is between25-30. The solution it offers is valid in the short term as well as in the long term since Metabical offers a complementary support system that encourages long term behavioural changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Clinical trial results of Metabical show that it can achieve the highest results among individuals whose BMI level is between 28-30, by helping them drop 26 pounds in 12 weeks, while participants who had their BMI between 25-28 were able to drop only 15 pounds. This makes Metabical best targeted at individuals whose BMI level is between28-30. With respect to gender, women seem to be more aware of their image and more prone to make a change in their life toward a healthier lifestyle. Statistics shows that more women are dissatisfied with their weight, 55% of women wanted to change their behaviour to live a healthy lifestyle comparably to 40% of men who wanted to do so. A higher percentage of women visited a healthcare provider regularly 50% compared to 30% of...
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