Metabical Marketing Case

Topics: Marketing, Target market, Strategic management Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: February 9, 2012

What is the decision making process for Metabical? ◦ Who is involved? ◦ What role do they play? ◦ What are the stages in the process?

In the launch of Metabical for the US market, several marketing decisions need to be made to bring a viable product into the market to maximize market penetration and gross margins over the PLC and to best serve the needs of the customers The players are • Health Care Professionals ◦ Will prescribe Metabical to their patients ◦ Can influence Insurance Companies, patients and the community, peers ◦ Decider, Influencer roles Customers - Buyer, User, Influencer roles ◦ Participants of market survey ◦ Consumers of Metabical. Can influence their peers and community in future stages of the PLC Marketing team - headed by Barbara - for managing the launch, and the PR campaign. Initiator, Decider, Influencer roles ◦ Sales Force will market to health care professionals. Push approach ◦ Advertising team will market direct to consumers. Pull approach ◦ Will follow the PLC and adjust the marketing mix along the way Health Insurance ◦ Potential future PR targets to lobby inclusion of the drug in their health plans. Decider, Buyer, Influencer roles Competition ◦ Their relative strengths and weaknesses are used to position Metabical to the target market segment with the best value proposition. Influencer role FDA ◦ Body of Authority that sets up CSP's exclusivity to the market for the prescription drug. Influencer role American Obesity Association ◦ Source of credible studies. Influencer role Media organzations ◦ Vehicles of PR campaign. Influencer role

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The stages of the analysis and decision making process are outlined here. Using the 3C framework,.. Company SWOT analysis – Fig. 1 Customer STP analysis Segmentation Market research on the customers - overweight market Targeting Identification of market segments to serve Positioning Stages – 4Ps : Product, Price, Place and Promotion The customer and other players are...
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