Metabical Case Study Summary

Topics: Obesity, Food and Drug Administration, Over-the-counter drug Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Case Summary
The Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (“CSP”) is an international healthcare company that had completed successful clinical trials for its newest weight loss prescription drug, Metabical. With the final FDA approval expected, Metabical’s launch was set for January 2009 and a clear marketing communications strategy needed to be in place before the launch. With 10 years and $400 million spent on research and development, it was imperative that CSP positions Metabical correctly in the marketplace. Optimal segmentation, targeting, and positioning were important factors to consider in order to ensure that the launch as well as post-launch marketing of the drug yielded strong sales and product longevity. Key Issues

Analyzing the market and segmentation, and identifying the needs of the customers. The optimal marketing campaign would guarantee a better-off position of Metabical after the information search and alternative valuation that customers may perform. Furthermore, Metabical needs to be affordable and effective as it will only be available as a prescription drug and, at least initially, the patients would be required to purchase it as an “out of pocket” expense. Customers

General United Sates population struggling with excess weight (By 2000, 34% of the population was overweight, 25.8% classified as obese, and 4.7% was in the severely obese category) •End consumer (the patient): Moderately overweight people with the BMI of 25-30 •Men and women between the age 45-74

Individuals with income between $40,000 and $80,000+
Health care providers who would prescribe the medication as this is not a over-the-counter (“OTC”) drug •Managed healthcare insurance companies
Customer decision making process:

Need Recognition and problem awareness:
a. Overweight Consumers - Many health and social stigmas are centered around excess weight. 35% of the respondents of the CSP sponsored market research are trying to lose weight and 15% of those are...
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