Metabical Case

Topics: Obesity, Weight loss, Medical prescription, Marketing, Prescription drug, Pharmacology / Pages: 5 (1213 words) / Published: Oct 5th, 2012
1.) Metabical’s initial focus should be on consumer segmentation. The drug can be targeted towards both men and women; however, a focus on women may be more worthwhile. In terms of weight-loss, women exhibit more of a desire to change their overall body image, and showcase a motivation to eat, look, and feel healthier. (See Exhibit 3 in Case Book) Metabical’s age demographic segmentation would have a stronger response from the middle 25-34, 35-44, and 45-54-age sector that is moderately overweight (BMI of 25-30). These age brackets more likely have the financial means to purchase such a product, visit a physician for an annual physical, and a physician would feel more comfortable prescribing a weight-loss drug more so than to a younger age demographic. Conversely, targeting to individuals aged 55 and higher may not have a strong pull given that maybe the older age bracket may have other health concerns and adding an OTC drug to their vitamin/prescription regime may not be ideal for them; therefore, an age group of 25-54 would have a stronger response rate.
Metabical aims to be affordable, but since it is a prescription drug that is not covered by most insurance plans, individuals with an annual income of $40,000 or more would be more financial able to cover the costs of the drug.
Focusing on potential consumers needs, benefits, and attitudes can help behaviorally segment the consumer market. The need that the ideal Metabical consumer is looking to achieve should be weight-loss with the underlying benefit of wanting to look and feel healthy. Such consumers exhibit a willingness to stay positive and motivated throughout such a weight-loss plan. There’s a possibility that they work out, or have worked out in the past but feel that exercise alone isn’t enough and they need an extra push to get them to the reach their goals. These consumers need and rely on the help of several factors to stick through with a weight-loss regime until they achieve their desired

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