Meta-Analysis of Researches on Gender Preference

Topics: Gender, Physician, Female Pages: 4 (771 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Meta-analysis of international researches

|Author |Title |Results | |Haar E, Halitsky V, Stricker G |Factors related to the preference for a|409 female patients of both male and female physicians completed| |(1975) |female gynecologist. |a self-administered questionnaire exploring their attitudes and | | |Source: |practices regarding gynecologists and gynecological | | ||examinations. | | |543 |Results revealed that patients who preferred female | | | |gynecologists were most likely to find gynecological | | | |examinations difficult and to be critical of gynecologist’s' | | | |understanding of women's psychological and sexual problems. | |Waller. K |Women doctors for women patients? | This research concentrates on two main areas, the attitudes of | |(1988) | |women patients towards physicians and the attitudes of | | |Source: |physicians towards female patients. Patients perceive male and | | ||female doctors differently. Women patients believe women doctors| | |013...
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