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Messages are all around us, and they are able to change how successful we are in life. The messages you recieve from your enviornment dictat the way you act. For example, a study using children and dolls show that messages are conveyed even in the early years of life. A different study showing how our appearence can have an affect on people.

In the realisic fiction by Sherman Alexie, "The Absolutely Ture Dairy of Part-Time Indian," demonstrates how messages can affect us. The main character, Junior, has always lived by the preconcieved idea that he was supposed to conform like everyone else. Unfotunately, that message was always pusehd onto him; and it affected the way he thought. If continued, his quality of life. He was always told that white people were above him. This affected how he saw them, he put them on a pedestal. This book shows that people are affected by their environment.

The experiment conducted by CN, The Doll Test, showed that messages even affect the young. It opens our eyes to how well messages invadeour brains. They presumed thing about the dolls just based on looks and no other evidence. White children have an overwhelming bias toward white, and that black children also have a bias toward white but not nearly as strong as the bias shown by the white children. Thesxe messages will eventually grow and affect how they judge others.

A study by freakonomics dicussed the question, "can you put a price on looks?" It shows how subconscious feminism/female entitlement is in our culture. Beautiful women have the most power with their looks. Also, the data in the study referred to how much extra income a male of a different skin colour would need to make to be as appealing. There hidden messeges in the subcontious of all our minds telling uswhat we want and don't want. This proves that messages are likely to change how successful we are in life.

Messages are all around us, and they are able to change how successful we are in life....
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