Message to Garcia

Topics: Question, Elbert Hubbard, Spanish–American War Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: September 6, 2011
A Message To Garcia
A Message to Garcia is an essay about a man named Rowan who was tasked with the deliverance of a message to a man named Garcia back during the Spanish-American War. Rowan did not ask any questions about his mission to which he was tasked with. He did not ask who Garcia was or where Garcia was at. Rowan just simply took the message straight to Garcia without any hesitation or doubt in his orders. Rowan’s mission to Cuba was, somewhere in the vastness of the Cuban mountains, was Garcia, the man Rowan was looking for.

Rowan, although his rank and full name elude us, has given me a new sense of knowledge to what the word discipline really means and how it is meant to be used. Before I read this essay, I was under the impression that discipline was just simply doing what you are supposed to do in a timely manner. Now, after reading the essay, I know that it means not only doing what you are supposed to do, but also doing that even when no one is around and doing what you are instructed to do. You are to complete the mission or task that you are assigned with as soon as possible or even sooner if possible, not when convenient for you.

The author, Elbert Hubbard, made a good point with example of the six office clerks and the request. The request was that you would ask each of them to write you a brief memorandum about the life of Correggio. The answers that he said you would receive were: Who was he?, Which encyclopedia?, Where is that encyclopedia?, Was I hired for that?, and Don’t you mean Bismarck?. Now, I have not tried this for obvious reasons, but I am willing to guarantee that those are the answers you would receive if you were to try this little experiment. I know that I would have been the one to have just simply asked, “How do you spell his name?” That would have been all the information I would have needed to complete the task at hand. I would like to say that I would be the one to say “Yes, sir,” and go and do the...
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