Message in a Bottle: Lord of the Flies

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Mara Khayter
Flanagan 7 English
LOTF Creative Writing: Message in a Bottle Iroh

Dear friends,

Sometimes finding yourself is hard, and sometimes, you need to voice your thought. In doing so, you may conquer the silence within every man. A silent truth is kept within, hidden by fear. Judgment of yourselves stands within you. While there are no men to guide you in your time of supposed need, becoming the men you seek will help you realize your duty in the position of power or submission that has been introduced to you. Look into your hearts, and in hard times, the hearts of others as well, for the answer. A little help doesn’t mean you’re weak; support is what might just keep you all alive. While it is not always a good idea to rely on others, a little help from everyone, a little insight and tolerance, with listening ears, you can heal the open wounds of the past that burden your souls. During this time of despair and chaos, your destinies have become intertwined with people you’ve not known for long, but people you’ve come to understand more than anyone else. You may realize the deeds and actions some of you have made during this journey have been shameful, but without the visualization of a concrete consequence, who’s to say that it’s wrong? I believe in second chances, and, perhaps, so should you. Although I may only be a simple, humble tea maker, I have come from a blind, destructive past. My son and my past self have taught me all that I am writing to you now. All I ask is that you not simply forgive yourselves and move on. Iroh
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