Message in a bottle

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Massage in a bottle

Samantha Landon
1210 East Cliff Rd.
Bar Harbor Maine 04605, USA

24th August 2008

To the person who finds this bottle:
I’m so glad that you have found this message.
I am Samantha Landon, and please just read my message. Then I know that someone knows what I have been through. As I said, I am Samantha Landon and I live at Bar Harbor Maine 04605, USA. Or lived. Me and my mom and dad went out for this trip at the ocean, in my dad’s new speedboat. It moved so fast, and I just loved to be with my parents. But something happened out there. The boat kept moving faster and faster, and I did not notice it before I saw the cliff right in front of us. I looked scared at my dad, and I could just see in his eyes, that he could not do anything do stop the boat or turn it around. I turned my head again and I panicked “Where is mom?!” I yelled frustrated. And then it happened. The new fancy speedboat banged into the cliff and then everything was… gone. I woke up with the worst pain ever in my leg. I would never be able to describe the pain, but the nearest thing is, if you can imagine, is a gigantic rock just laying at your leg, and crushing your bones. I looked around and I was still lying in the smashed boat. I looked up and saw my dad. There was blood everywhere, and his leg looked very, very weird. It was there all the blood was streaming out from. I felt like throwing up, and I could not understand what just happened. I could see my mom’s bag in the water. She was just floating there lifeless. They were both dead. I started to cry, and I knew that I was going to die too. But I would not let go without knowing that someone knew what happened to us. So I started writing. Writing this. Writing this with the hope that someday someone will find it, and take the time to read my experience. I do not ask you to do anything with this message, except reading it. That is all that matters, because I am probably dead when you do.

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