Mesopotamia and Egypt Religion

Topics: Egypt, Ancient Egypt, Sumer Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: September 25, 2013
In about 10,000 years ago, civilizations were starting to establish, which set concrete and the start of world that is around us today. There are two of the earliest societies that were the Egyptians and Mesopotamian. Egypt’s positive viewed gods, and Mesopotamia’s negative viewed gods, had affected the literature that both Polytheistic societies created.

The Mesopotamians and ancient Egyptians had polytheistic religions, which means to believe in more than one god. Each god was a structure and figure that represented a different idea or topic, and were known well by the moral/nature the god was in charge of. Ra was the god of Sun, and Amon was the god of the sky. The two gods were had the most strength and power. To the people, each god was important depending on what their power/gift was. Specifically in the Mesopotamian had their gods/goddesses in a human form, because they were powerful enough to make themselves appear invisible as well. This would meant that they celebrated and lived as a human would, and lived in their own fertile land as the Garden of Eden. Both societies’ Polytheistic views were each very strong. The two societies had Theocracies to make sure that their government was ran based on the religion that was being practiced.

The Mesopotamians found their gods full of anger and vengeance, while the Egyptian culture saw their gods as a very kind and loving figure. The people of Egypt would expect a flooding from the Nile River every year because it provided a lot of silt that would be very helpful for farming. This event provided them and the god Hapy loved and cared for them. The Egyptians also loved how their god, Amon would cure the ill, protected people from natural disasters, and was a fair god. Because of this, they loved and cherished their gods as the gods loved them and they praised their gods’ honest ways. With the Mesopotamians, their rivers too, flooded yearly. They were very destructive and destroyed many villages and...
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