Mesopotamia and China

Topics: China, Silk Road, Han Dynasty, Mesopotamia, Agriculture / Pages: 4 (874 words) / Published: Oct 22nd, 2012
Although Mesopotamia and China had similarities in politics, economics, social organization, and religion between 8000 BCE - 600 CE, they also had differences. Both Mesopotamia and China followed the same pattern to state and empire building (Supanick, Notes 2012). They both also had agricultural and trade societies (Supanick, Notes 2012). Both also had social inequities and were both polytheistic (Supanick, Notes 2012). They also had important differences, Mesopotamia's empires were replaced by outside groups as in China's empires being replaced by other chinese (Supanick, Notes 2012). Also, Mesopotamia had a lot of long distance trade, while China trade more internally, with the exception of the Han (Supanick, Notes 2012). They also had differences in their social stratification, Mesopotamia had a major priest class. China had one but is was not important as the one in Mesopotamia (Supanick, Notes 2012). Religiously, China had a diversity in religion, as in Mesopotamia's one religion (Supanick, Notes 2012).

China and Mesopotamia had many political similarities. Both civilizations were threatened by invaders. Mesopotamia was threatened by many invaders that sometimes conquered and established empires in the area, like the Assyrians and Babylonians. The biggest invaders of China were the Xiongu, a nomadic group from the north. Both were invaded for many reasons. One reason was the invaders were trying to expand and/or conquer. Also, the geography of the areas predisposed invasion. Another political similarity was the type of government, which was monarchy. Mesopotamia had many different leaders, the first was Sargon, followed by Hammurabi. China also many leaders, the emperor at the height of the Han was Wudi. Monarchs arose in Mesopotamia and China because peoples were seeking protection and power. A final political similarity was the order of state and empire building. Both China and Mesopotamia followed this order: Rise of Agriculture to Villages to

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