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Geography and the development/diffusion of human society- World history- Mesopotamia •Mesopotamia is Greek for “land between the rivers.”
The land is supplied by water from both the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. •Land is mostly flat, but borders mountains.

Similar to the Nile River, both rivers would flood yearly and cause the crops of the land to be much more plentiful than in surrounding areas. However, these rivers are much stronger than the Nile which would create a much worse flooding. •Irrigation from the Euphrates is possible throughout the year; also from the Tigris, but due to it being much faster flowing it is more difficult to use for irrigation. Canals were built to help control flooding. •Both, but especially the Euphrates can be used by ships for transportation and selling of items harvested to help their economy.

Agriculture began to spread to the Near East in the Indus Valley. •Continued to spread both north and west.
The city of Mesopotamia grew rapidly and the Egyptian dynast was formed. •Mesopotamia had a wide array of societies that they sold their agriculture to. •Due to land being so fertile, it was able to provide a financial/trading market. It also would leave plenty of food for the people residing there.

Historical systems of power, governance, and authority- The Nazi Rule Individuals and institutions as mechanisms of social/governmental change- Abraham Lincoln Science and technology as the engine of economic growth and development- Electricity References

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