Topics: Ocean, Mermaid, Loch Ness Monster Pages: 4 (781 words) Published: May 6, 2014
Austin Parker
Writing Composition II
Professor Grant Love
12 February 2014
Persuasive Essay
Man or Merman?
Throughout world history many unexplained legends have been passed down to future generations. Stories such as the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and UFO’s have been passed down and followed by media. Mermaid stories seems to carry unignorable evidence relating towards the human existence.. Growing up, mermaids had been depicted in Disney cartoons; beautiful creatures with long luscious hair, and irresistible charm. Many people have always had a special knack for believing in aliens, ghosts, and mythical creatures, the things that are unexplainable to the human eye. Mermaid stories have a different approach to all the fairy tales, the mermaid comes along with real concrete evidence that could explain its possible existence. First off it is believed that the mermaid is a relative of the humans and branched off to live in the shadows of the sea. Second, the mermaid is a popular subject among many cultures throughout history. Lastly, the ocean is far big enough to hide any sort of species it doesn’t want us to find. Mermaids are real, and stem from human existence.

There is a theory among scientists known as the aquatic ape theory. It claims that humans went through an aquatic phase, living in the ocean, during evolution. The idea of mermaids is an extension of this theory, thinking that when returning to land some evolving humans were left behind, creating the mermaid race. This is meant to explain many of the factors that make humans so much different than any other land creature. For example, humans are the only creatures who strictly live on land with webbing between our fingers, much like flippers on our hands. Also when under water homo-sapiens skin wrinkles and prunes up which allows us to grab objects underwater with greater ease. As shown in humans subcutaneous fat, people insulate from cold water. Theoretically if one took a newborn baby and...

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