Merlins Maturity Throughout the Crystal Cave

Topics: Ambrosius Aurelianus, The Crystal Cave, Anatomy Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: April 29, 2007
Merlin's Maturity throughout The Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave is a novel portrayed through the life of a young boy named Merlin whom throughout the story changes into a man. His life as a young boy was harsh, complicated, and different. However, his life changes when he is introduced to his father Ambrosius, the King of Lesser Britain. Merlin's maturity was driven by the people in his surroundings, such as his grandfather, Galapas, and his father whom all made him into the man he became.

As a young boy, Merlin lived with his mother in his grandfather's palace in Maridunum. Merlin's life in his grandfather's palace was harsh in such a way that he was not like the other young boys surrounding him. He was extremely intelligent and at the time, maybe too smart for his own good. However, his grandfather and other figures of authority in the palace would critique him because he was not a "normal" child. He was not the type to become a soldier to defend his country, which was often what was expected of a young boy. Rather, Merlin enjoyed spending time with nature and the outside life, studying, and learning the wings of the world. Because of this, his grandfather and others often called him a devil's child because of the way he looked and acted. His grandfather's actions towards Merlin made him the brilliant young boy he became. His life in Maridunum with his grandfather was harsh, complicated yet it was a turning point in his maturity levels because of the way he was treated.

Even though Merlin lived a complicated life in Maridunum, there was a place he could be at peace with himself. Merlin would often travel to the cave to meet with Galapas, whom at the time lived in the cave. Merlin came across the cave one day while traveling about in the woods. Merlin met Galapas and they bonded quickly because of their like interests in the ways of the world. Galapas became a major role in Merlin's maturity due to the high content of material he...
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