Merit 1 - Equality, Diversity & Rights

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, English-language films Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Merit 1
Case study on Emma:
Emma was a healthy 29 years old from Dudley; she was a shy but independent woman from an Asian background and can’t speak English, she is a vegetarian and has been all her life. She got admitted to hospital due to really bad chest pains after she’d been to her doctors several times before and he told her she was alright and was just exaggerating. When she got to the hospital they took her to a room and were left. She kept pressing the button to get attention of the nurses but they ignored her, and then when they did come in a group of them were laughing and talking about her because she couldn’t speak English they thought it didn’t matter. She was left over night and no one come to see her only to give her dinner which was a meat based meal meaning she couldn’t eat it so had to go hungry because when she tried to tell them they said she was just fussy. The doctor had refused to see Emma because she was Asian and where she lived and came from. They found a translator who they got to tell her that she would have to leave because the doctor would not operate on people with an Asian background who can’t even speak English. Emma went home she died three days later, and with an autopsy they found out she had had pneumonia.

The Discriminatory Practices and the effects on Emma?
In Emma’s case there are some discriminatory practices. Infringement of rights this is because Emma’s entitlement have been disregarded deliberately such as, that even though they knew she was a vegetarian they gave her a meat based meal, which she couldn’t eat due to her believes. This would cause marginalisation towards her due to the fact she wouldn’t feel part of the main group in society due to the way she was being treated, this would be the same for the fact that the doctor wouldn’t treat because of her background, so they wouldn’t be giving her the same treatment as others which would cause disempowerment and make Emma feel less powerful. Another...
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